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Accreditation Preparation

 AASM and Joint Commission accreditations are the gold standard for sleep labs.  And now, more and more Medicare administrators and private pays across the country are requiring accreditation to qualify for reimbursement. Marketing competition in large population areas is also becoming intense, so sleep labs need to be working to attain accreditation.

SCMI’s highly experienced sleep lab accreditation preparation team will provide service that can reduce your preparation timeframe, lessen your workload, and minimize the stress and worry over not being prepared for your site visit.

SCMI offers either individual step services or a complete accreditation service package that includes four steps.  While most of our clients engage us for full preparation services, some prefer to employ individual steps or even hourly consultation, all of which can be provided, to address accreditation issues and needs.

SCMI’s four-step accreditation service includes:

Step 1.  Accreditation Readiness Analysis

The first step is a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation of your sleep center’s present status when compared to the latest 2012 AASM accreditation standards.

  • The Readiness Analysis is completed by your sleep team and yourself using a checklist provided by SCMI.  We request that this analysis be fulfilled within two weeks of the engagement.

  • A follow-up conference call with your sleep team will then be scheduled to review the analysis, to confirm and define:
    • Requirements which are completed and compliant with AASM standard
    • Requirements which are in process of being compliant with AASM standards
    • Requirements which still need to be done to become compliant with the standards.
        • Then another conference call will be scheduled within five business days to discuss SCMI’s Readiness Analysis report that outlines specifically what and how your sleep center team is to focus on making your two bed sleep center in compliance with all AASM accreditation standards and therefore be able to achieve AASM accreditation success.  
        • To perform this Readiness Analysis step the SCMI consutlant and your sleep team will need access to:
          • database information,
          • relevant reports,
          • current technical policies and procedures,
          • answers to a comprehensive list of questions included in the Readiness Analysis, and
          • the time to interview key sleep team members. 

        The SCMI consultant will encourage and answer team questions challenging them in their efforts to exemplify and achieve AASM accreditation standards. This will be accomplished via telephone conferences, Skype, and email.

        It is an AASM requirement for accreditation that you can demonstrate the use of an organized database so that you are able to retrieve the appropriate performance improvement data as requested in the AASM accreditation application and during the AASM surveyor’s site visit.  Under the SCMI consultant's direction, your team will be requested to obtain required accreditation statistics and essential information. 

        Step 2.  Accreditation Application Guidance and Review


        The SCMI consultant will work closely with you and your designated team person to provide guidance in completing your AASM Accreditation Application.  Then she will do a final review of the application completed by your team to ensure it is accurate and a ‘best practices’ representation prior to application submission.  

        Step 3.  Technical Policies and Procedures Manual Review


        The SCMi consultant will oversee your designated team member in updating, customizing, and revising your sleep lab’s current Technical Policy & Procedure manual.  To facilitate this step:


        • A comprehensive review of your current policy and procedure manual will be completed by Ms. Hansen within one week after receipt of the manual.  If your manual is lacking substantive adherence with AASM Standards for Accreditation, you may wish to purchase the SCMI’s TP&P CD to expedite compliance.
        • Purchasing SCMI’s Technical Policies and Procedures CD typically greatly assists designated team members in completing a sleep center’s TP&P manual modification.  SCMI’s CD contains the latest 2012 AASM guidelines, general policies and procedures that require customization by your designated team member.
        • Upon revision completion, the SCMI consultant will perform a final review of your manual for total adherence with the AASM standards.  This third step will be provided via telephone and email.

        4.  Mock Accreditation Site Visit


        A Senior SCMI Advisor  will come to your sleep center in Cordele for one day to conduct an on-site, AASM mock accreditation visit.

        • This visit is scheduled when you and your sleep team have completed all the necessary compliance actions noted in SCMI’s Readiness Analysis report and the entire team is available to participate. 
        • The purpose of this comprehensive mock visit is to conduct a thorough and complete ‘test run’ which provides valuable and necessary feedback to assist your sleep team in attaining maximum standards in preparation for your actual AASM accreditation site visit. 

        AASM accreditation is well worth the hard work.  By obtaining the AASM accreditation your sleep center will fulfill future accreditation requirements related to all third party payor reimbursements.  This investment provides a further positive return on investment, since AASM Accreditation allows you to market your sleep center’s high quality standards in your catchment area, attracting even more physician referrals as well as direct patient contacts to your sleep center.

        Call SCMI at 1-888-556-2203 to obtain a specific proposal that customizes your accreditation preparation options and our professional fee for your accreditation preparation service. 

        The SCMI team will assist you in achieving AASM, TJC or ACHC accreditation!

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