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Building an Effective CPAP Patient Compliance Program  
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Authored by SCMI Senior Consultant and Accreditation Specialist, Kathryn Hansen, BS, REEGT, CPC.  Ms. Hansen is a nationally recognized and respected sleep consultant and has successfully guided many clients through the accreditation preparation process. This manual is a guide to navigating your AASM sleep lab Accreditation.

How to Start a Sleep Center or Lab -
Updated for 2010
by Robert Dawkins, PhD, originally authored by 
Dr. Michael J. Breus, this publication is over 200 pages of material detailing the information you need to start a sleep lab from the planning stages to opening day and on-going through accreditation.  It includes a step by step timeline used by top sleep management professionals in the startup process.

How to Start a Sleep DME Service

Written by Dr. Michael Breus, D-ABSM with contributions by the SCMI Advisory Team this ‘how-to” text provides the information needed to establish and manage a sleep DME business. It is filled with experience, and opportunities to add to your patient care services while increasing your sleep lab bottom line and avoiding common mistakes.


Technical Policies and Procedures for a Sleep Center - fully customizable CD

Written by the SCMI Advisory Team, this extremely valuable 200+ page manuals were developed through a compilation of policies from sleep centers/labs across the country.  These manuals have passed numerous AASM & TJC accreditation reviews!  Save time by buying it on the easily customized CD format.

Technical Policies and Procedures for a Sleep Center! Includes OSCT P&P!

Easy customizable Word format on CD


OCST Policies &  Procedures ONLY - AASM
Technical Policies and Procedures for a Sleep Center! (no longer an addendum, now a stand alone manual) - Includes OSCT P&P!



Technical Policies and Procedures for a Sleep Center -TJC - Customizable CD - WITHOUT OSCT P&P


Developed by SCMI's DME team, led by Bob Floro, MS, RRT, RCP and Steve Vinci, RRT,  has a combined experience of 100+ years in the DME business, this manual is a template containing policies and procedures for your sleep DME services.

SCMI's DME team works with each client to fully customize and deliver a finished manual.  Upon purchase an SCMI DME team member will contact you to begin working on the manual based on your individual DME service. 

77+ Essential Forms for a Sleep Center
- on fully customizable CD

Developed by the SCMI Advisory team, this 165 page CD contains more than 77 actual sleep center/lab forms including a ‘how to use it training page for each form.’ These sleep lab forms will increase professional efficiency, legal documentation and lab profitability by providing opportunity for staff to be more comprehensive and accurate with vital documentation activities.

Easily Customizable Word Format on CD

Pediatric Technical Policies and Procedures - on fully customizable CD

FULLY UPDATED FOR 2013! A customizable collection of Pediatric Policies and Procedures for a Sleep Center. Developed by SCMI Advisory team member Susan Keller -Yenney.

Easily Customizable Word Format on CD

Market Your Sleep Lab

Authored by sleep marketing specialist Valerie Swift, this publication contains over 200 pages of marketing techniques, methodologies and ideas to help you develop the most appropriate marketing program for your sleep lab/center. It provides knowledge and insight on how to leverage marketing to reach, inspire and influence patients, referral sources, insurance carriers, and the business community that will increase your bottom line.

Sleep Lab Compliance and the Law

FULLY UPDATED FOR 2009! Authored by healthcare attorney and sleep specialist, Daniel Brown, this manual is updated for 2009 as of September and contains 150 pages text, illustrations, and explanations of the legal issues affecting sleep center operations. This is an invaluable tool that facilitates legal understanding and is a reference for sleep lab physicians, staff and legal counsel.



A Guide to Sleep Center Reimbursement and Ancillary Revenue Streams

Updated for 2013 by SCMI Senior Advisor Kathryn Hansen!  

Originally authored by Dr. Michael Breus, D-ABSM, detailed, practical and informative guide provides techniques and tools for maximizing sleep reimbursement, taking you step by step though the reimbursement process. It also guides you in developing ancillary sleep revenue streams to increase your sleep service profits.

Personnel Policies for a Sleep Center - on fully customizable CD

Authored by SCMI Senior Partners Dr. Michael Breus, D-ABSM and Dr. Duane Johnson this essential legal and management manual containing 185 pages of background information, as well as already written sleep center/lab policies.  Sixty-nine significant personnel policy topics are reviewed and includes fifty-one already written personnel policies.  Save incredible amounts of time customizing your sleep lab manual. It is available on an easily customized CD format.

Easily Customizable Word Format on CD
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