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HST Integration Services

Third party providers are making the shift to HOME SLEEP STUDIES as the first line of diagnosis in suspected sleep disorders.  United Healthcare and some of the BLUE companies have already made the changes to their medical coverage policies.

SCMI provides training, implementation and integration plans that will assist you in developing your HST program and create additional revenue streams:

SCMI services include:
  1. Initial Assessment of your current sleep services.
  2. Market Demographic study to determine HST program potential.
  3. Financial Pro Forma development.
  4. Implementation plan to add HST to your current menu of sleep services.
  5. Training for staff; billing, protocol, policies and procedures.
  6. DME start up for sleep therapies.
To discuss your sleep situation and begin the integration of HOME SLEEP STUDIES into your current sleep services contact the SCMI office at 1-888-556-2203.

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