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Sleep Database

There are a number of reasons why sleep service businesses need an organized database:

  • You need a patient analysis capability - for diagnostic, treatment, treatment compliance and follow-up. You need to know when to bring your patients back for follow-up studies, equipment updates and to assure compliance.
  • You need to have evidence-based medicine for reimbursement - you are not going to get paid if you cannot document patient services when requested.
  • An organized database is an accreditation requirement - as more and more Medicare administrators and private providers require accreditation, organized data is a must.
  • A well planned and practiced marketing and referral program is built from patient and referral analysis - you know which patients and referral sources to target in your catchment area based on this data.
  • You manage your cost controls by analyzing your data - knowing the types of patients you serve allows you to know how to best staff, what inventory to have on hand and when to follow-up with your patients- this allows you to avoid unnecessary costs that eat up your bottom line.
  • A basic rule learned in any Business Management 101 class teaches that a business manager/owner needs ability to analyze all aspects of their business for effective management and profitability. An organized database provides the foundation for doing that.

    Five or six years ago one could be less in charge of their sleep data and business. But the current economic environment is more changeable, complex and competitive which demands tighter management and control to obtain and maintain profitability.

    Do your sleep diagnostic and sleep DME services have an organized database?

    SCMI has developed a sleep service specific database designed by our consulting team as an outcome of their work with sleep lab accreditation preparation and other sleep service consulting clients. The majority of them did not have an organized database.

    This is an invaluable database management system designed for the complex querying from multiple lists and tables for your sleep service analyses and tracking.

    SCMI's organized database allows storage, query and reporting from multiple tables for patient demographics, encounters, procedures, diagnosis, referring physicians, etc. and meets accreditation requirements. SCMI's database product is developed in and requires Microsoft Access 2007 (minimum requirement) to operate. It provides you a solution to manage numerous data points without having to sort through pages and pages of paper.

    SCMI's database product allows for the easy addition of new tables, stores a very large amount of data (thousands of entries) and allows for quick information updates without having to change data in numerous tables or spreadsheets. You can easily search your data to generate essential and required reports.

    A one hour training consultation is included for 'tutoring' your sleep lab personnel in its use.

    SCMI will customize your database to meet your needs to manage your quality improvement data, safety data, and other requests as necessary. Additional services like entering your data and other specific customization can also be provided by the SCMI team.

    A solution to your sleep database needs is just a phone call away! To answer your database questions and pricing information call 1-888-556-2203.

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